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The Christian faith of our co-founders inspires so much of what we do at Sun Kissed. Giving back is important to us, so when you buy a product, we give one to a woman in need.

Self-esteem is a huge factor in becoming who you're meant to be. We believe that we're all made in God's image, carefully-crafted, all beautifully-formed.

Our products tell the story of our heritages, with recipes that have been passed down for generations. Cultivated by our ancestors, these recipes are near and dear to us, connecting to our African and Caribbean heritages. Beauty is as much about family & community as it is the individual. Shared between sisters and cousins, passed down by aunties, mothers and grandmothers, a way to celebrate oneself and one another. 

Our products are 100%, because in our experience, that's what is best for the skin. From a selection of skin-loving ingredients, we create products to nourish the skin. Making use of these gifts, we recognize a responsibility to protect the earth, which is why we use compostable packaging and pursue eco-friendly production practices.  


Brittany is a 4th year student at Georgetown University, from The Bahamas. 

"Bumpy skin was a constant, throughout my  teenage life. I didn't feel beautiful and I didn't hold a healthy image of what "beauty" was. I became entangled with insecurity, which led to vanity. Constantly worrying about how I looked and comparing myself to others. But, by the grace of God, I underwent a transformation. It started with my transition to a natural lifestyle and then went deeper, to God healing my heart and showing me that I'm beautiful beyond measure simply because I am me.  Sure of my identity and confident in who I am, God has charged me to share these tools that helped me on my journey to pursuing holistic beauty."

Aluwet is a 4th year student at Georgetown University, from South Sudan. 

"Growing up, I faced insecurities related to my dark skin and acne. I searched for a solution to my problems and turned to what many other women have looked for refuge in: bleaching soaps. I tried to chemically purge my skin of acne while lightening it. I was unsuccessful and my insecurities only grew worse. Then my sister found out what I was doing and helped me accept and even fall in love with my skin. Natural,  God -given ingredients helped rescue my skin. This is why Sun Kissed Skincare is everything to me! I want others to know that they are beautiful just the way God created! "

With love,

Sun Kissed Skincare

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Our Mission

SK celebrates the earth and the people it sustains. Sharing the love and responsibly making use of nature's gifts.